What's The Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD and Just CBD?

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is more than CBD because it contains many beneficial cannabinoids and properties of the hemp plant where CBD isolate is just as it sounds- only CBD.

The are MANY cannabinoid compounds found in hemp. CBD and THC are the most well-known but there are many others, each with varying effects.

Having all of the beneficial cannabinoids at your fingertips with full spectrum hemp oil, is like being on a team where each member brings their own skill set to compliment their other teammates for the greater good of the team.

Just one member alone, can’t really win the game right?. When you have all of the cannabinoids working together as a team (unlike in solo CBD isolate products) they produce what is called the “Entourage Effect”.

The “Entourage effect” results from the synergistic absorption of full spectrum hemp by the receptors of the human endocannabinoid system.

Will Full Spectrum CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Short Answer: It may.

Long answer: With Full Spectrum Hemp Products you’re taking in all of the different cannabinoids that the hemp plant has to offer- even very small amounts of THC. (.3% or less to be exact).

– While this amount is very small by nature, there is a slight possibility that it can show up depending on some variables:

-The frequency at which you consume.

– Body weight.

– How Your C1 and C2 receptors respond.

– Quantity take.

Each person has a unique body chemistry & is taking the products in different amounts so we can’t assure you 100%.

If you do happen to test positive, please be aware that it could even be a “false positive”.


What Strength Do I Start With?

Our general recommendation is to start with our 1200 mg tincture and to use one dropper daily sublingually (beneath the tongue holding for 90 seconds).

After a week or so, self assess and determine what kind of an impact that amount and frequency is having on you.

Increase or decrease depending on your desired effect.

Everyone is unique, with a different body chemistry, and different needs.

The amount that might help one person, might not help another so self assessment is crucial here.

Tip: Write a brief note in your journal or calendar each day tracking how the full spectrum hemp oil is working.

After one week review your notes to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you need to increase potency (mg) & frequency (how many times a day you consume it).

How Much Should I Take?

In general, start with one full dropper each day.

If you notice you might need a bit more feel free to take more than once a day or you may want to opt for a greater strength. Always consult with your physician before using CBD.

How Much Full Spectrum CBD is in One Dropper?

There is an easy calculation to determine how much Full Spectrum CBD is in our product:

Take the mg of the entire bottle and divide by 30. Ex 1200/30=40 mg CBD

So for this example, 40 mg is in one full dropper of CBD from a 1200mg tincture.

Does Lonesome Camel Farm Ship Internationally?
We do not ship internationally at this time due to varying import/export restrictions placed on the CBD category.

How Do I Return My Product or Receive a Refund?

We currently do not offer any refunds or exchanges.