About Us

Farm Direct Organic Hemp

Lonesome Camel Farm is located in the emerald triangle of Southern Oregon. LCF is isolated and protected from other farms which ensured us to grow a product that is free from seeds and mold.  

Everybody should be conscious of the full spectrum hemp products they use, including where they come from and how they’re made. This is especially important for things that go on or into our bodies.We need to know that not only are the foods and medicinal items we use good for us but that they are produced responsibly.

Committed to Sustainable

We employ drip irrigation, which ensures that every plant gets the proper hydration and that we conserve the filtered spring water we use.

Cultivation takes place in our greenhouse, seeds will begin germination for 21 days to stabilize strong roots, then transferred to the ground where they will continue to grow until harvest.

During the flowering stage, the plant buds, producing the essential trichomes (resin) and hair-like follicles.

Plants are then harvested and hung or stripped of their leaves and buds in order to dry. When the correct moisture level is reached, the plants are then prepped for the processors for extraction.

Our strains consisted of Lifter , Hawaiian Haze and Suver Haze from Oregon CBD genetics.

Our Suver Haze strain has been processed for our 1200mg tinctures.

Hawaiian Haze and Lifter were topped, barn dried, cured and stored in climate controlled facility to protect the integrity of our smokeable hemp.

The highest quality from start to finish, no expense was spared in cultivating this crop. Lonesome Camel Farm is dedicated to growing the finest hemp, and we accomplish this by a special cultivation process combined with extensive quality control testing.